Based on over 30 years experience coaching dynamic family and privately-owned businesses across a wide range of industries from agriculture to food processing, to manufacturing to service and retail, Shifft has developed a range of solutions for your business needs. All these packages can be tailored to your individual needs:

Manage the performance of your team to improve morale, reduce costs and increase profits. This is our base level service that includes online training, group coaching access and fast track training for 3 months. Designed for Owner/Operator and Businesses with small teams (up to 10 people).

Our most popular program – intensive support, group activities and access to our full suite of training programs, business tools and resources. Applicable to medium sized businesses with Owner/Managers and larger teams (>10 employees).

Tailored programs for larger businesses with multiple participants. If you have a larger team and would like to involve other Owners and/or Managers in the program, then let us create a custom program for you.

A customised training and development Academy for your business to help grow leadership and management talent, fully customised to your specific needs. If you have 10 or more team members that you would like to involve in a completely tailored coaching, training and development program, then talk with Russ about building a Training Academy for your business.

Our comprehensive programs are outlined in the table below. Each Program can be modified to suit your business’ specific needs and budget. Contact Russ if you’d like to explore some options.

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