Understanding Consumer Preferences

Understanding consumer preferences is a tricky process. We often strive to find the “perfect product or service” without realising that their are often many “perfect products” as the needs of consumers are varied. Many of their needs are not apparent from traditional survey techniques as many of us “don’t know what we really like.”

In this TED Talk video, Malcolm Gladwell discusses this interesting concept by focusing on pasta sauces and coffee preferences.

The real questions then become “How can Horticulture use this to increase our product range and engage with more consumers?” It is more than just more varieties – it is also about how we process, package and present our products.

Watch the video. Brainstorm some options and let me know what you think.

Russell Cummings is a career consultant having spent the last 25 years working as a Strategy and Business Development Facilitator to a wide cross-section of businesses and industries. For more information on Russell, visit www.sbdbusiness.com.au

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